The polar bears days are numbered
Ida Troyler Roskvist Smålandsstenar Rädda Arktis

The polar bears days are numbered

Hello, my name is Ida and I have decided to create my own fundraiser to help support WWF in their fight to save the polar bears. Currently, there are about 20-25.000 polar bears left in the entire world, 40% living in Canada. The biggest threat for our polar bears are humans who for years have been haunting and killing them, leaving babies without their mothers and not being able to survive. WE have a chance to prevent this from happening, WE CAN make a difference. You don't have to do much, whatever you can donate, it's welcome and by all means, please do share this with your friends and family through social media! My goal is to raise approximately 3.000KR (€298/$365/£232) before April 20th, 2015. Their future is in our hands! Thank you! Kindest regards, Ida

Amount Raised:
Target: 3,000 kr
12/20/2014 1/20/2015



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The polar bears days are numbered
Ida Troyler Roskvist
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