Save the Mountain Gorillas!
Nathalie Tornell Mullsjö Rädda bergsgorillan

Save the Mountain Gorillas!

Hello there! We are three students from Sweden working with a schoolproject to save endangered Mountain Gorillas. We are now starting this page to collect Money to the orginisation WWF that is working with saving the gorillas. The Mountain Gorillas are emergency endangered and need help right now! The gorillas live in the djungle in the Virgunamountains and in the Buindipark in Uganda. They are threated by an illeageal charcoal production industry and other animaltraps. Today there are 880 Mountain Gorillas in the World, they must be saved now!

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Target: 1,500 kr
9/29/2015 11/3/2015



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Save the Mountain Gorillas!
Nathalie Tornell
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