To make an actual difference.
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To make an actual difference.

They say the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. Well, this year WWF have made it possible to every animal friend out there to start their own fund and save innocent animals from the poachers hunt. This is what your money will go to: (Minimum amount is 50 SEK yet every penny counts!) 500 SEK Tent, sleeping bag and backpack for a park guard. 800 SEK A GPS that allow for satellite navigation. 1 000 SEK One month's salary for a park ranger. 1 500 SEK Two camera traps, counting and monitoring of wildlife. 2 000 SEK A tracking dog to a park ranger. 10 000 SEK A monthly salary, apparel and equipment for a park guard, food for 10 day patrols and binoculars, gps, radio.

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2013-12-15 2014-01-31



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To make an actual difference.
Rebecca Lindblad
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