Help us to protect the oceans we love!
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Help us to protect the oceans we love!

Hello Friends and Colleagues! Our oceans are so contaminated that the entire ecosystem is in critical danger now. The Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) continues to do a fantastic job protecting the oceans, but they need more resources. To reach their goals and follow the strategy to achieve bigger initiatives and continue to protect and rescue the oceans we love, it is important to support them. For more information about how you can help WWF, please click on this link and donate. Why Do I want You to help me in this action? I’m asking for your help as It’s very important to me to provide a clean environment and ecosystem for the future of this world! After 21 years of training and running marathons all over the world, I am finally approaching my 50th marathon this year and it feels wonderful! The training is working well and it’s making a difference in my health and wellbeing while allowing me to work with WWF. This is an exciting time in my life. It’s important to me that this marathon make a difference for our oceans and I need your financial help to achieve this on behalf of WWF. My challenge will be to collect at least 1 SEK ( (or the equivalent 10 pence) per each meter that I will be running. This will give us a total of 42.195 SEK (or £4,219.50). The money collected will serve a noble cause and it will be used by the WWF to help protect the oceans we love! I love running and I love our oceans as well and think you do too, I am asking you to help me achieve my goals this year! This is a fantastic chance for us to make real difference. You are supporting me for WWF to protect the oceans we love! Thank you so much in advance for your support and your generosity! Cheers Jamie

Amount Raised:
Target: 42,195 kr
4/8/2021 8/7/2021



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Help us to protect the oceans we love!
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