Judith 40th- Love for the Ocean
Judith Zielinski Stockholm Rädda haven

Judith 40th- Love for the Ocean

Friends, This summer I have been enjoying the Ocean a bit extra. I have loved the sea all my life. I have as most people taken it for granted. The problem is that it can look so pretty on the surface but underneath it is dying. And with dying Oceans we and all Earth will pay a great price. The Oceans has long saved us from the climate change but now it is really warming up. I turn 40 in less than a week. I want my children and future grandchildren to also be able to enjoy the Ocean and love it just as I have during my life. We can all do a little bit, examples below 1)Decrease your carbon footprint 2 Decrease plastic consumption 3) Always clean up after yourself at the beach 4) Think about what fish you eat (only eat things that are on the approved species list, ie sustainable choice) 5) Check how your pet food has been made.... 6) Do not buy products exploiting Marine life like coral jewelery 4) Support organisations who do Ocean conservation efforts Love the Ocean. I hope you want to help! Judith

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Judith 40th- Love for the Ocean
Judith Zielinski
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