A very special Christmas wish...
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A very special Christmas wish...

Let me tell you a Christmas story… I happen to know the kindest girl in the world. A girl, named Ava. She is 10 years old and has the biggest heart! Meanwhile other kids dream about their Christmas presents and asks their parents for newest games, phones, etc… She, my little hero girl, asked all her family to give her money which later she would donate to charity! I was really touched by her kindness and kept on thinking how to make her Christmas really special! Such a pure hearted person she is! Eventually I came up with an idea: I have so many amazing friends, and all of you my loved ones have big hearts too! So my idea is simple: I ask you all, my dear friends, let Ava’s kindness inspire all of us! If you have the possibility, use the link to donate and please share share share this message to all your friends! Let the good deed spread! On Christmas day I will give her a diploma which would reflect how much a small thought can grow! Thank You! Your contribution will make a change! Milda

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Target: 10,000 kr
12/4/2016 12/24/2016



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A very special Christmas wish...
Milda Raibikytė
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