Världshjältar 2019
Wilma Lovisa saltsjö-boo Världshjältar

Världshjältar 2019

Together we can save the planet, by donate to this rainforest organization WWF will make sure this goes to save our rainforest. It is because of the Amazon forest we have enough oxygen to live. If the worlds biggest rainforest die out, 50% of all animals will die out too. The worlds biggest rainforest works as our lung and it is about to die out. It is only a matter of time before it is gone, many big parts of the forest in South America has already burned down. In about only a few years that will be many consequences. Right now our lives on this earth is on fire (literally), it depends on how we will react. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE TOGETHER!

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2019-12-06 2020-06-11



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Världshjältar 2019
Wilma Lovisa
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