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Världshjälte (noun), a compound of 'world' and 'hero'. - A person admired for (their) noble or courageous achievements to help the world THE SITUATION IS CRITICAL. MORE VÄRLDSHJÄLTAR ARE NEEDED TO END EXTINCTION. Our planet has gone through mass extinction five times. Most recently when the dinosaurs disappeared. That event from 65 million years ago is very well known by today’s world – but very few are aware of the catastrophe taking place around us right now. We are facing a mass extinction! Across the planet animals and plants are dying at an extreme rate. Destroyed habitats, poaching and overfishing, pollution, and climate change has decreased the amount of vertebrates by 60 percent in less than 50 years. When species go extinct and sensitive ecosystems are disrupted, us humans are affected as well. Our existence is dependent on the biological diversity and the oxygen, clean water and food it provides us with. We have created this problem ourselves, through our way of living and consuming. This is why I, along with other dedicated people want to contribute to solving this problem. Together we have started this fundraiser and the goal is to raise SEK 1 million for the World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to end the extinction of endangered species. If you are able to, please consider contributing to a better future for us and for the world’s animals and plants. No amount is too small or insignificant in saving our planet. I AM CONTRIBUTING TO WWF’s IMPORTANT WORK – JOIN ME! ✅ Support the fundraiser by donating an amount of your choice. ✅ Share my page and spread information to those around you! Through social media, email or at the coffee machine at work. ✅ Share WWFs campaign material on your social media: wwf.se/insamlingsportal/fadder/1751093-giv-varldshjaltar ✅ Tag: @wwfvarldshjaltar, #varldshjaltar We can make a difference together, so join me today! Yours truly, Katrin

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Target: 5,000 kr
10/24/2018 12/31/2018



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